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With any online digital marketing strategy, it’s important to know where your customers are calling from in order for you to generate more sales, bring in more customers, and to offer relevant information that your clients and customers would benefit from. Phone calls are a key valuable asset to any business as it builds the relationship between your company and your customers.
The problem is that with so many different marketing efforts running on the one strategy, it can get confusing as to which marketing channel brought in the phone call in the first place.

Image Valuable Inside Information

Call Tracking Gives You Valuable Inside Information

At Studio 56, we understand that to grow your marketing strategy you need to know which areas are working and which aren’t. Our new cutting edge call tracking tool allows us to see which marketing channels are generating the phone calls and which ones are falling short. Did you know that in recent studies of search engine marketers more than 50% don’t actually use any phone call tracking tools to track the phone calls coming from SEO and PCC campaigns?

The difference between Studio 56 and other digital marketing firms is that we understand how important it is to track phone calls. Our state-of-the-art call tracking tool uses numerous methods to track the conversions from calls made to your business

What You Can Get

Call Recording

Minute and Call Recording

Gain access to minute and call recording that records the length of time your callers are on the phone along with what the call was about. This helps you to analyse your caller better to understand what your valued customers are looking for, for better target marketing. You’ll also receive a caller ID to find out who’s calling and the location they’re calling from.

Call Statistics

Real Time Call Statistics

Gain inside knowledge on your real time call with real time call statistics. Our call statistics feature gives you the ability to analyse and breakdown calls better. You’ll also receive dynamic number insertion that helps to measure the impact of inbound phone calls and how they affect your overall marketing efforts. This will help you to create more targeted marketing strategies with better results.

Marketing Channels

Unlimited Marketing Channels

Have the ability to drive more traffic to your business with access to unlimited marketing channels. With the integration of keyword-level tracking, Google Analytics and Google AdWords you’ll have the ability to use keywords for any marketing channel and see which keyword was used by the user to make the call.

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