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SEO and website ranking go hand in hand when trying to reach the top of popular search engines such as Google. SEO, while not an overnight fix, can provide long term benefits when implemented right. Did you know that more purchases are being made online than in store by B2B buyers and consumers in the last couple of years? This is an increase in what was seen over 20 years ago?

When creating a powerful SEO strategy, it’s more than just choosing the right keywords. It’s about knowing in depth the different areas that can make an impacting difference on your website rankings.

This is where Studio 56 can help you.


Reliable Perth SEO services that count when you need it most.

On Page Seo
Competitive Research
Content Dev
Conversion Opt.
Keyword Research
SMM Promotion
Local SEO
Link Building

Each service provides its own unique advantage for your business. Here’s what you’ll receive when
taking out one or all of our services.

Search Engine Optimisation

Gain Expert SEO Services For Your Perth Business

At Studio 56, we specialise in SEO services that can help you reach your goal of getting to the first page of Google. Our team of professional SEO experts know the guidelines of Google and understand the commitment, time, and changes that are needed on a website to optimise it for better search results.

When working with new clients we understand that everyone is different and therefore need different strategies to ensure proper SEO optimisation. We believe in an honest, open working relationship. That’s why we make sure we communicate with you every step of the way and include you in each task that’s carried out to keep you in the loop. We will update you on what tasks we’re carrying out and the purpose of these tasks. In working together, we believe that we will see better results, in a shorter amount of time.

We know that SEO isn’t an overnight fix. It’s a long-term commitment that we take very seriously. We’re here to ensure you receive the positive changes in your website ranking that you’re after. We keep up to date with Google guideline changes to ensure there’s no negative impact on your website every time new guideline changes occur.

Unlike other firms, we don’t just give you the same SEO strategy that other clients get. We work on tailoring your SEO strategy directly so it matches your website and business needs. In order for us to do this we first analyse your website, current SEO strategy, and your targeted audience to see what would be the best approach in getting you the results you’re after. By analysing these key areas, we can then work on building more brand awareness, improving website leads and traffic, enhance sales and conversions, as well as boosting your website ranking.

We believe by working openly with our valued clients that we will gain more success over the long run.

We believe in being honest. We have nothing to hide.

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Our SEO Process

To improve our client’s SEO and website rankings we start the process of analysing your website to determine the best possible changes that would make the most impact. While analysing your website, we work on both off-site tasks and onsite tasks to make sure all aspects of SEO is taken into consideration. The areas that we cover in both our onsite and offsite tasks include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Analysing and creating high quality content that improves website rankings.
  • Optimise the website structure for better traffic navigation.
  • Create a responsive and mobile friendly website to cater for all users.
  • Ensure the speed of your website is fast to lower your bounce rate.
  • Use keywords and optimize title tags for better results overall.
Onsite SEO
  • Build brand awareness by gaining business mentions or gaining offsite citations without backlinks.
  • Gaining more website authority by creating content that will link back to your website.
Offsite SEO
Front Page

Appear On The Front Page of Google!

By implementing both offsite and onsite SEO strategies, you’ll be able to gain more sales, traffic, conversions and overall profits from your website. You’ll also see an increase in the website ranking on popular search engines as well.

Discovery Session

"The Discovery Session helps you discover your business goals and what you need to do for better target marketing. During a session, you will gain access to expert knowledge and experience to help you determine your goals, the steps needed to reach those goals and the best ways to implement these new changes to gain the conversions and profits you’re after."